Zapco HDSP-Z8 V P192 PAD-A


8 Channels DSP @ 192KHz/24-bit Audio Processing

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The HDSP-Z16 V is the best hardware that Zapco has ever built, and the numbers attest to that. Although the HDSP is composed of 18 individual pieces put together in a modular version that is easy to adapt or update according to your needs, the background noise and the crosstalk numbers are superb. The end result surpassed even the expectations of the designers and engineers who built it. It took almost three years, but eventually came this unique piece of hardware that we believe will remain in the history of Zapco and set new standards for what is possible in audio reproduction. The numbers are the proof of the design, for example -140 dB of background noise and  -115 dB of crosstalk. For a 16-channel device, crosstalk at -115 dB (average around 1 KHz) is proof of the accuracy with which the layout was made. But of course, background noise and crosstalk are not the only numbers that matter in audio devices. All the others, while not so spectacular as -140 dB floor noise, are superb. The digital inputs have 114 dB of A weighted signal/noise and the analog ones 109 dB at rated output. We kept the output voltage at 4 Volts to avoid added distortion of analog preamplification. Distortion of analog and digital inputs are lower than 0.001% at 4 Volt output and lower than 0.00175% at 1 Volt output. The HDSP-V power supply continues to work down to 6  Volts to solve the problem of cars that have the stop-start ignition system. The main processor is a dual core 456 + 456 MHz, 8 and16 channels solution have a 192 and 96 KHz sampling rate and the converters are new 32 bit/784 KHz devices from AKM. Very importantly, it is an HD Player that works at 24 bit/192 KHz integrated with DSP. There is no connection between the Player and the DSP, no PCB, no connectors, no cables. Player and DSP are integrated in one dual core chipset that has a total power of 912 MHz. Then there is a microprocessor that controls only the Player and does not have to do other heavy computational work like can happen, for example, with a computer. So, you can say it is DSP within a DSP, or the most sophisticated DSP existing  with a on board HD Player. The player has a dedicated browser that starts to work immediately when you insert the USB memory stick. It can read all formats up to 24 bit/192 KHz, compressed or not compressed, and from the 3” touch screen display, you can control all the functions using 3 different levels of folders. The dash board that controls the Player also controls minor DSP functions and can manage up to 10 tuning presets with instantaneous switching of one to another for A/B comparison.

All-in-one Dual Core Processor – Why a Player with on-board DSP?

Players (portable or not), often have a DSP inside, either simple or sofisticated, but it is a DSP. Zapco has been inspired by this to offer its customers a professional DSP with the Player inside. What are the advantages of our integrated solution compared to that of connecting a Player to the DSP? First, it must be said that not all portable players have a digital output. If analog, even if it’s of excellent quality, it would always result in a degradation of quality due to the presence of two more converters on the signal path. Therefore a coupling of an external player to an analogue input is strongly inadvisable. If, on the otherhand, the external player has a digital output, then the situation is much better, but still there is the limit of an SPDIF connection. The SPDIF protocol has a maximum resolution of 24 bits and a maximum sampling rate of 192 KHz. Another limitation of the SPDIF connection is that the receiver does not control the speed of data, so it is possible to have connection problems. In any case, the maximum integration of the two products, DSP and Player inside the same chipset, protects from any issues of connection whatever the nature of the problem may be.

High-End Solution: 18 independent PCB – Why Modular?

The modularity of the apparatus offers considerable advantages. The first advantage is that the customer can request the product with the cards that he needs without having to buy what he does not need. Subsequently it is possible to easily up-grade a part of the product keeping all the rest unaltered. This allows to keep the value of the product higher over time. The 16-channel HDSP-V is composed of 18 boards and the 8-channel HDSP-V of 15.

96 KHz (16 ch) and 192 KHz (8 ch) – What is the Sampling Rate?

The Sampling Rate represents the capacity of the digital signal to reproduce the analog signal more faithfully. The higher it is, the better it is, but the difficulty in processing the signal increases proportionally as well as the power of the processors used. 44 KHz is the sampling rate of a CD disc.

The DSPs are normally at 48 KHz. 96 KHz and 192 KHz are the sampling rates of the most sophisticated DSPs. With 192 KHz sampling rate it is possible to have a 192 KHz digital signal line, starting from the Player up to the amplifiers.

Up to 16ch, 0.0008% THD+N (Dig. In), 115 dB Crosstalk, -140 dB(A) Floor Noise, etc. – The HDSP-V Numbers

All these numbers are exceptional. Some of them make the HDSP-V unsurpassed. For example the 16 channels. There are currently no other 16 channels DSPs on the Car Audio market. With it is possible to have in the machine two perfectly calibrated listening areas and also 4 channels dedicated only to the effects. All the numbers are at the maximum that has been possible but two of them, more than the others, can give a measure of themeticulousness with which the HDSP was built and are the -140 dB of the noise plane and the 115 dB of the average crosstalk of the 16 channels at 1KHz (and 100 dB, always average of the 16 channels, at 100 Hz and 10 Khz).

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8 Channels DSP with HD Player
8 Analog Inputs (RCA + High Level), 5 Digital Inputs, 8 Analog Outputs
Modular device: High-end solution with 15 independent PCB
Player & DSP: All-in-one dual core processor
DSP Processor: OMAP L-138 – 2 x 456 MHz, 32 Bit (till 64-bit/IEEE double precision)
DSP Processor Point: Fixed & Floating
DSP Sampling Rate: 192 KHz
Player power: 456 Mhz – Arm 9 32 Bit
File Audio formats: WAV, AIF, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, Direct.: File or Artist/Album or Title
USB memory stick support: Formatted FAT32 with limited memory space (2 TB)
ADC Processor (standard): AK5558, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 115 dB DNR
ADC Processor (option B): AK5578, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 121 dB DNR
DAC Processor (standard): AK4458, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 115 dB DNR (*8ch)
DAC Processor (option B): AK4490, 32 Bit 784 KHz, 120 dB DNR (*8ch, Now Available)
DAC Processor (option A): ES9038PRO, 32 Bit, 784 KHz, 132 dB DNR (*8ch, Not Available)
Frequency response: 5Hz @ 90 KHz
THD+N: 0,0006 (Digital Input), 0,0008 (Analog Input) 1V Out
S/N Device Floor Noise: -125 dB (from 20 Hz to 20 KHz), -135 dB (from 150 Hz to 20 KHz), -140 dB (average from 80 Hz to 20 KHz)
S/N Ratio (Digital Inputs): from 115 to 120 dB A
S/N Ratio (Analog Inputs): from 109 to 115 dB A
Crosstalk: > 110 dB (from 300 Hz to 0.9 KHz)
Crosstalk: average 115 dB (from 300 Hz to 0.9 KHz)
Analog Inputs: 6/8 x RCA Low Level 1/5 Volt, 8 x High Level 4/20 Volt
Digital Inputs: Optical: 24 Bit – 192 KHz, SPDIF: 24 Bit – 192 KHz, 3 x i2S: 24 Bit – 192 KHz
Analog Outputs: 8 x RCA, 4 Volt (5 KOhm), Impedance: 100 Ohm
Dash Board: 3" Touch Screen, 10 Preset
Dash Board Control: Volume/Balance/Fader/Tone
Wireless Control: Wi-Fi External Module (incl.)
BT Streaming: External APTX HD Module (opt.)
Tuning: Easy and Expert, "Double Front"
I/O Setup: 2ch, 4ch, 6ch, 8ch, OEM SUM, AUX
Digital Input Mode: HD, Optical, Coax, i2S 1, 2, 3
EQ Parametric 30 / 6 poles (16 ch.), Parametric 15 poles (8 ch.)
XO Filters: Linkwitz, Butterw., Bessel, Tsecheb.
Phase Filter: All channels 1Hz/1 Degree step
VSEQ Filter: 50-200 Hz – 1 Hz step
Power Supply: Operating: 6-16 Volt, Current Draw: 750 mA/14.4 V, Fuse: 1A
Stop-Start ignition system support
Main unit overall dimensions (mm): 217(L) x 164(W) x 57(H)
Dash Board dimensions (mm): 111(L) x 16(W) x 49(H)


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