Honda HRV (Vezel)

Sinfoni Quartorigo - For Music Lovers

A Special Project for Sinfoni Quartorigo.

A symphony of Sinfoni Quartorigo’s Tempo and Capriccio series for the audio tranducers and powered by Presto, Allegro and Andante series of amplifiers.

Custom fabrication was done on the dashboard, housing the mid-range speakers, with the tweeters in-built into another separate housing on the pillars.

All speaker grilles were custom made and matched across all speakers.

The audio processing is fulfilled by the Alpine H800GC processor.

Awards and counting...

EMMA 2016 Malaysia Heat 2

SQ Master 5000 – 1st Runner-Up

Multimedia 2.1 – Champion

EMMA 2016 Singapore 2016 Finals

SQ Master 5000 – 1st Runner-Up

King of 130dB – 1st Runner-Up

EMMA 2016 Malaysia Finals

SQ Master 5000 – Champion

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