Subaru Impreza WRX

Extreme Audiophile who demands nothing less than the best.

Ground Zero Reference Speakers, powered by Ground Zero Reference Amplifiers.
The epitomy of audio perfection, and a perfect relationship between the customer and us.

This car has been completely redesigned and built three times – each time, using different systems.

Today, it is powered by an Alpine D800 as the media source, Alping H800 as the audio processor, four Ground Zero Reference 2PURE and Ground Zero Reference 3-Way speakers and sub-woofer.

Awards and counting...

EMMA 2012 Singapore Heat 2

SQ Advanced Unlimited – Champion

EMMA 2013 National Finals

SQ Master Unlimited – 2nd Runner-Up

Multimedia 2.1 – Champion

EMMA 2013 Asia Finals

Expert 6000 – Champion

Multimedia Experienced – Champion

EMMA 2014 Singapore Heat 1

Multimedia Experienced – Champion

EMMA 2014 Singapore Finals

Best of Sound (Analog) – Champion

Multimedia 2.1 – Champion

EMMA 2014 Asia Finals

Multimedia Experienced – Champion

EMMA 2015 Singapore Heat 2

Best of Sound (Digital) – 1st Runner-Up

PFO Championship – 2nd Runner-Up

EMMA 2016 Singapore Heat 1

Multimedia 2.1 – 1st Runner-Up

EMMA 2016 National Finals

Multimedia 2.1 – Champion

King of Sound – 1st Runner-Up

Media Source

Powered by an Alpine D800, the head unit directly decodes audio information from Compact Discs, USB thumb drive, iPod or even 3.5mm stereo jack into digital PCM – and sends them to the audio processor via Alpine’s optical link.

It is also possible to add a bluetooth module, so that music can be streamed from your smartphone, using Spotify and even default Music players and also make handsfree calls with it.

The Alpine D800 is also a multimedia station that is able to decode and stream Dolby and DTS from DVDs or iPod Movies to the processor.

The steering wheel controls functions normally, controlling volume, track actions (such as forward, backward) as it were with the original head unit.

Audio Processor & Amplifier

The Alpine PXA-H800 processes audio information from the media source and sends the signals over a 4V analog output (RCA) to four Ground Zero Reference 2PURE amplifiers.

The four amplifiers were meticulously gain matched using scientific methods to the audio processor’s 4V analog output to preserve the proper signal-voltage ratio and ensuring zero distortion and imbalance in the signal chain.

Providing up to 16 channels of 420W @ 4 Ohms per channel and operating variably on Class A and AB, the amplifiers powers 4 types of speakers discretely.


The finest speakers made by Ground Zero, mounted on custom fabricated speaker enclosures on the A-pillar of the vehicle and aesthetically matched to the car’s interior design.

  1. Ground Zero Reference 28mm Tweeters on A-pillar
  2. Ground Zero Reference 80mm Mid-Range on A-pillar
  3. Ground Zero Reference 180mm Mid-Bass in doors
  4. Ground Zero Reference 250mm Sub-Woofer in sealed enclosure mounted in the trunk built to calculated size.

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