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Practical Enhancements for your Ride.

We can help you discover what is possible, understand what your preferences are and design a complete In Car Entertainment for you.

Pick the features you want, let us put it together, for you.

Fanfare for the Audiophiles

Our custom designs and handcrafted installs will fulfill it’s practical purpose, but also align with the interior design of your ride.

It is about refined living, art & science altogether.

Why should you work with us?

Because your satisfaction is our bottomline.

Join us and experience for yourself what sets us apart, and how we can refine the aural experience for you.

I was looking for a better set of speakers after the first upgrade at another installer which was not satisfactory. Received lotsa advices from A Ming on car audio setup and finally decided in a pair of Flux speakers.

The workmanship and attention to details during installation at ST Mobile are way much better than the installer I went for the first upgrade.

Kudos and keep it up!

Sinoto Tjandra

Calvin Fish Chan

Went there to change my existing component speaker and the boss I believe even help to tune my processor!

Thumbs up!

Calvin Fish Chan

Workmanship, knowledge and Value for Money. This is as precise as I can in summing up my experience here with Eddie, Ah Ming and Louis.

I tried to “upgrade” my original speakers with a simple swap previously under bad advise, and it was the STMA team who managed to give me a quick and cost effective solution which unfortunately/fortunately got me further pursuing the refinement of sound.

Dave Wee

BMW Speakers Upgrade by Focal

For a budget of below a grand, upgrade to one of the options with Focal's BMW Speakers - truly plug and play - hassle free. The Focal Integration Series is 100% designed for the discreet OEM speakers upgrade for BMW, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot and Toyota...

Intermediate Audio Upgrade for Lexus NX Turbo

Audio Upgrade for Lexus NX Turbo The Lexus Premium Sound System comes with 10 speaker system and claims to offer an immersive surround sound experience.  However, we had encountered Lexus NX and ES owners whom had upgraded from their original speakers and yet...

New Focal Elite K2 Power

Focal Elite K2 Power Announced at CES 2016 We are happy to share news with you that Focal Singapore has launched the new Focal Elite K2 Power series.  This new generation of the K2 Power line is a reference product that would meet the expectations of even the most...

Helix Processors and Amplifiers

German Car HiFi by Helix from Audiotec Fischer. Helix is one of the product series by Audiotec Fischer. A German company with a focus on creating quality and substantial products for the mobile audio industry since 1990. Ever wondered why people are putting audio...

Mercedes-Benz GLA or CLA 8″ Touch Screen Display Monitor

2015 GLA or CLA 8" Upgrade Options. Simply want to have a bigger screen in your Mercedes GLA or CLA?  We have an option for you to directly upgrade your original display from the 5.8" screen to an 8" one. The display is designed to fit into the original location...

What do you want your car to do?

If your vehicle does not come with these features, we can add them for you, where applicable.

There are many ways to enhance the usability of your vehicle. Feel free to talk to us and find out more!

Make a Call
Pair your phone to the car system and enjoy the freedom of driving without a ear piece stuck in your ear.

Make a call, answer one, without ever picking up the phone and getting a stare down from traffic enforcement next to you.

Navigate the Roads
Directly integrate navigational guidance with turn-by-turn, lane guidance and more – all without the use for additional devices.

If your vehicle supports it, it’ll integrate with the on-board computers and work in tunnels too!

Watch a Show
It’s rhetorical. You can’t really watch the show while driving, but your passengers can.

Stream it from YouTube, play it from an old school DVD or even watch broadcasted TV shows.

You can also add additional screens to your vehicle if you’d like!

You decide. They watch. You listen.

Listen to Music
You are spoilt for choices. Either stream music through bluetooth from your smartphone, or directly play your favourite digital music in supportable formats through the car’s audio system.

Enjoy your ride. Enjoy life.

How do you want your music done?

Most vehicles comes with a basic sound system.

Sound Quality is a complex and subjective topic that usually requires exposure to certain experiences, and it usually comes down to preference.

We have put together a short description of what is possible.

If you listen to a majority of R&B, Hip-Hop music, you might want more low frequencies, aka Bass – as compared to the original setup of the car.

There are choices here – we usually recommend that you soundproof your door panels first, to improve bass response.

If that is not enough, you can add in Active Bass to your vehicle to help with the missing low end frequencies.

For the usual Pop, Jazz and Rock fans, you might want to listen to the details of your favourite vocalist and every accompaniment instrument.

We usually recommend a basic speaker change to a set that is suited for your vehicle.

Should that be insufficient, we would recommend adding additional audio processor or amplifiers to drive the speakers, either on a passive crossover or a fully active setup.

No more struggling to hear the news reporter over the radio and dealing with mushy noise in your car.

It can be a live performance or a studio recorded material, you hear what the audio engineer masters into the record.

Listen to every pluck and strum of the strings, vibrating beat of percussions and ringing of cymbals and feel the emotions of the performing artistes, no matter which genre.

You will be looking at an audio processor, discrete amplifiers running on a fully active setup.

This is the perfect middle ground between Sound Quality and Cost.

Ideal for extreme audiophiles who wants to listen not only to the performance, but also the art of recording.

Most recordings are not well-made, but expect the system to be able to extract every last bit of information from a well accomplished recording studio with the best audio engineer.

This is perfection, and the only outcome is refinement.  You will not be satisfied with the run-of-the-mill recordings anymore.

What kind of install would you like?

Some do not want anything that stands out obtrusively from the interior aesthetics of your car, while some prefers the bling-bling approach.

As a professional customised installer, we will cater to your personal preference and work out a design approach that best suits you, while retaining the vehicle’s design elements.

Original Interior Aesthetics
Without making any changes to the interior, upgraded speakers are installed in their original locations and retains the original look.

If you have a processor or amplifiers, they are hidden away from view – either beneath the seats or a corner in the trunk.

Most of the time, these types of install uses Class D amplifiers as they are smaller in size and easier to conceal.

This setup is not as expensive as their Class AB counterparts, but sound quality is proportionately different as well.

Matching Interior Aesthetics, Visible Audio Equipment
In this genre of installs, the design elements of the vehicle is adhered to – while revealing audio equipment only when it serves practical purposes, such as speakers mounted on the A pillars.

We will usually conceal audio processors and amplifiers in a location where possible.
Otherwise, we will custom fabricate structures that will keep the equipment well organised while preserving space to ensure practicality.

Custom Power Distribution, Amplifier Racks and Speaker Mounts
Freestyle Creativity.

Everything can be custom designed to a theme of your liking.

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