For a budget of below a grand, upgrade to one of the options with Focal’s BMW Speakers – truly plug and play – hassle free.

The Focal Integration Series is 100% designed for the discreet OEM speakers upgrade for BMW, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot and Toyota integration.

We are introducing Focal’s speakers upgrade for the BMW.  This range comprises of 3 separate options that can be installed separately.  A 2-way passive component kit, IFBMW-S (a pair of tweeters and woofers), a coaxial kit, the IFBMW-C and the IFBMW-Sub

Focal’s philosophy for these series remains the same – on ensuring the compatibility or the optimum adaptability into the original locations of the BMW®’s most popular models.  These Plug & Play kits have been designed for physical installation in the original location as well as the acoustic results.

With an estimated installation time of two hours, and by keeping the factory head unit, the IFBMW-C and IFBMW-S provide the perfect solution for car owners who wants a noticeable improvement from their original sound system.

Everything is straightforward for the user because the car manufacturer’s standards are used for the connectors.  These kits are 100% made in France and are fully coherent with our ready-to-play logic.  All the necessary components to carry out a sleek and discreet installation are supplied (speaker drivers + installation manual and video + specific tools for installation).

If you like a little more sub-bass in front, there is an additional option to add an active bass enclosure (Focal IBUS 20 and IBUS 2.1).  These kits can be installed under the passenger side glove compartment or beneath the seats.


2-way component kit – Dedicated for BMW®

The IFBMW-S is a 2-way component kit with 4’’ woofers, and tweeters.

Designed and Made in France, the IFBMW-S allows BMW® owners to enjoy Focal musicality, which is natural, rich and aerated, while respecting the aesthetics of the car!

This kit is suitable for the German manufacturer’s best-selling models: 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series and X1!


2-way coaxial Speaker – dedicated for BMW®

Designed and Made in France, the IFBMW-C is a 4’’ 2-way coaxial speaker for cars which only have speakers in the doors.

This is a simple, efficient and quick way to transform the OEM system.

The sound from original simple wide-band loudspeakers doesn’t even compare with the quality of the sound achieved thanks to the precise treble with wide dispersion and the aerated mid-range.


Flat 8″ sub-woofer – dedicated for BMW®

L’IFBMW-Sub.V2 is a sub-woofer designed in France for the compatibility or the optimum adaptability in terms of mechanics (installation in the original location) as well as in terms of acoustics, into the original locations of the BMW’s most popular models.

The reinforced Polypropylene cone of the IFBMW-Sub.V2, mounted on a Butyl suspension, provides deep and controlled bass.  The 40mm voice coil has an excellent high power handling.

In the V2 version, a connector modification and spacer accessory increase compatibility in the BMW original locations.

Some photos of previous installations.