Bewith G-180W/B


Aluminum Diecast Subwoofer Grille


Color : Pearl White / Matt Black

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Specially made grille and enclosure do not block the music sensation.

Taking maximum advantage of the PPC eccentric cone speaker’ s outstanding wide-range and directional characteristics, Bewith has developed two new original accessories, the G-50MG 5cm tweeter front grille with bullet-shaped enclosure and the G-130MG mid-woofer front grille. Each model’ s grille and surroundings is a smooth horn shape ideal for directional control within the passenger compartment of the automobile, and the reverse side of its protecting bars have undergone a special surface treatment to minimize sound diffraction at the front of the unit. Both the G-50MG and the G-130MG are made from 100% MAGNEOLA, an acoustic magnesium alloy possessing both ideal vibration absorption characteristics and lightness, and the G-130MG’ s four protecting bars conform to EMMA* standards. Both models let you choose either Pearl White or Jet Black finish.
* EMMA (European Mobile Media Association) was established in 2000 to provide a level playing field between automotive audio competitors by unifying the rules of automotive audio associations around the world and providing oversight.


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