Bewith Accurate A-180 II


Model: Accurate A-180 II – 180mm Subwoofer


Frequency Response – 20Hz ~ 6kHz*

Power handling – 50W-200W

Impedance – 4Ω

Sensitivity – 87dB/w m

Magnet Weight – 764g

Magnet – ferrite


A high-performance, standard model that brings Bewith’s ultra precise sound reproduction close to home.

Accurate II faithfully inherits the technical characteristics of the Confidence II series: the world’s only eccentric cone system employing PPC speaker technology, a mica alloy polymer diaphragm and a rigid aluminum diecast frame as a high-performance standard model that provides both an easy ring and buoyant neutral tone quality over a wide latitude for almost any combination of amplifiers. Listen with pleasure to the world of ultra precise sound reproduction that only Bewith can bring at a reasonable price.


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