Audio Upgrade for Lexus NX Turbo

The Lexus Premium Sound System comes with 10 speaker system and claims to offer an immersive surround sound experience.  However, we had encountered Lexus NX and ES owners whom had upgraded from their original speakers and yet experienced a degradation in sound quality from the original setup.

Why is this happening?

Many manufacturers are partnering with high-end sound specialists to bring you premium auditory experience straight from the factory.  The system design is to process and filter the audio signals directly at the head unit and/or the amplifiers to the correct the audio signals.

As the signals could have been time delayed, and filtered in a way to suit the original speakers and speaker placements, the usual “hook-it-up” method will only create problems.  Most component speakers comes with a passive crossover that expects a full-range amplified signal instead of filtered and processed audio signal.

What this really means is that without proper knowledge in measuring the signal output of the original vehicle and randomly connecting speakers will create problems.  Not really something that any customers would want.

Are there any solution?

Absolutely!  We have measured and identified the setup in this model.  As with most things in the world, the key is in understanding the system and making the right changes.

With the right knowledge, even entry level after-market speakers would be an improvement to the system.

We want to share what we had recommended and installed for one of our customers whom we discovered is actually after full-range audio;

  1. Focal Utopia Be 165W-RC – 2 way active (High and Low) for the front doors and dash.
  2. Focal Expert PS 165FX – 2 way passive (High and Low) for the rear doors
  3. Pioneer TS-WZ120A – Subwoofer located under the passenger glove compartment
  4. Mosconi D2 100.4 – 4 channel amplifier powering the tweeters and center channel
  5. Mosconi D2 150.2 – 2 channel amplifier powering the mid-bass
  6. Helix DSP PRO – processor to recreate the original audio signals and re-process the audio signals

We recommend the installation of amplifiers and processor to be located under the back seat, to be non-intrusive and to reduce visible footprint.

This type of setup is one of the Intermediate Audio packages available at our pro-shop.