2015 GLA or CLA 8″ Upgrade Options.

Simply want to have a bigger screen in your Mercedes GLA or CLA?  We have an option for you to directly upgrade your original display from the 5.8″ screen to an 8″ one.

The display is designed to fit into the original location and comes with socket to socket connection without any modifications to the original wiring system.

The additional media ports will provide you the added capability to playback digital media files and re-use your existing reverse camera.

If you already have the original touch screen in your vehicle and looking for more features, you have an option to utilize an external processing box to provide;

  1. GPS Navigation System (Singapore & Malaysia Maps by Galactio).
  2. Reverse Camera with IPG (Intelligent Parking Guidance).
  3. PDC (Parking Distance Control).

For 2015 models that comes with the 7.4″ display, there is no need to replace the display and will be able to have direct integration with this external interface.

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