Zapco DAC KIT A14V (ES9038P)



DAC Module kit, ES9038PRO, 140dB Dynamic Range for 8ch DSP. (16ch DSP need x 2 set)

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Audiophile use of the DSP – Upgradable internal modules/components

This HDSP has such high performance and so many functions that one might think it would be just the right choice for home use as well. We believe  this to be the first mobile DSP that can be introduced in home sound rooms without reducing the signal quality of an audio system. It is possible to improve dramatically the sound performance in the listening environment using crossover functions for the speakers, equalization, time delay, and phase for environmental compensation. Then with amplifiers dedicated to each specific speaker (controlled from the same DSP processor) you can have the best sound for your environment. Zapco thinks to provide a perfect line of signal path to the speakers and through the listening area.For that reason, hardware and software will be easily up-gradable with different modules that can be changed later as the situation requires. What’s the best sounding capacitor for audio that money can buy? What’s the best sounding analog digital converter money can buy? If there was only one answer to questions like these,we wouldn’t have so many choices. The differences between the run-of-the-mill electronic components and the top-end specialty audio components is night and day. But the differences between the top audiophile components is much more subtle, and open to debate and personal preferences. The same is true of digital components. In building the DSP-Z16V and the other 5th Generation Zapco digital processors, we used the very best components we could find for a production product. But knowing that there would be high-end users out there with their personal favorite ADCs or DACs, we programmed the DSP chips to accept any number of different top-end components to provide the more fanatic audiophiles the abilityto easily customize the units to their personal tastes.


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