Bewith STATE A6R Kishi Model


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Specially Tuned System for the Ultimate ‘STATE’

The STATE A6R kishi model is a specially tuned system of multi-processing DACs that allows for creating a high-quality digital multi-system with up to 3-way and 6 channels per device. It also features the capability for joint use of up to 10 devices, including master devices, using the master/slave function through the proprietary inter-device communication format ML Link. This model is based on the existing STATE A6R and has implemented significant changes and fine tuning of components related to sound quality with the aim of creating the ultimate ‘STATE’ product. We made this commercial product with the same sound quality and settings as was selected to be the best from the prototypes by our technical executive, Hiroshi Kishi kawa. In addition, the audio adjustment software uses a special version customized specifically for the kishi model. Both the equalizer center frequency and crossover frequency can be selected from any of 254 specific points (35 points in the original version)—allowing for exceptionally detailed sound tuning to maximize the qualities of this unit. The exterior has been specially designed with a sunrise-red clear glossy finish and gold lettering.


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