Reference AM L-165RW


16.5cm wooferL-165RW

Note: Price is for 1 pcs

for small capacity sealed boxes with contents of 3 to 10 l. a small, high-performance subwoofer that allows you to enjoy high-end heavy bass in
minimal installation space.



It is a component speaker of the Reference AM series that can
build the ideal sound by making full use of a
unique unit group.

There are seven reference AM series speaker units. In addition to the well-established standard 2.5cm tweeter L-25R, midrange L-88R, woofer L-165R, a new generation magnetic circuit < A new generation of magnetic circuits with S-neodymium motor >, high-performance woofer L-165RS, 16cm class Hi-Fi speaker in the industry’s thinnest class ultra-thin woofer L-165RX And the small, high-performance subwoofer L-165RW specialized in small capacity sealed boxes of 3 to 10 liters, and a unique unit group that combines BEWITH technology are gathered. Of course, all units are unified with the well-established AM (aluminum-magnesium) diaphragm. Build the sound that’s ideal for you by connecting neutral and accurate tones and the smooth sound unique to all units of the same material.


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