Zapco ASP-Q1


Model Zapco ASP-Q1 – Dash mount EQ with 3-way crossover.


  • THD < 0.001%THD

  • Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB

  • Stereo Separation 92dB

  • Headroom 20dB

  • Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak

  • Dimensions (mm): 121(W, w/RCA) x 25.5(H) x 176(L)


A Full-System Preamp for people who are serious about sound quality!

Here is an Equalizer/Preamp worthy of the Zapco name. The ASP-Q1 was not designed to be an “accessory” toy or a piece of jewelry for the dash. The ASP-Q1 was designed to be an effective tool in tuning and controlling the sound of a car audio system. As a dash mount equalizer it is unmatched. With 5 bands of parametric equalization you can put up ±18dB of correction at any points in the frequency spectrum with out being limited by fixed center points. With audiophile grade internal components in the signal path and precision pots for all adjustments the sound will be clean and transparent, with rock solid bass and crystal clean highs. The ASP-Q1 excels as a crossover as well. You can configure a 2-way with bass and dual highs or as a 3-way crossover with a band pass. The aux input with its own input gain controls allow a portable source to be plugged in and level matched to the main input. The over-sized power supply gives you  a 9.5 volt line driver with 14 volts available for peaks. This gives the ASP-Q1 plenty of headroom so even on the biggest signal peaks you amp will get a clean distortion free signal. The ASP-Q1 is more than just an Equalizer. It is a true control preamp for your sound system.

ASP-Q1                                             ASP-Q1



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