Bewith Plug & Play 640


Model: Plug & Play 640


4ch x 25W @ 4 ohms (no distortion).

4ch high level input

1 x AUX input

6ch line-level output

Auto-tuning mechanism

31-band parametric EQ

Crossovers, and Time alignment

Microphone kits for auto tuning (sold separately)


Plug & Play 640 is an entry model for a DSP-providing amplifier that integrates a 4ch high-quality digital power amplifier with a 4ch high (speaker) level input, a single APX input (2ch), and a 6ch line-level output, and a 4ch high-quality digital power amplifier with a non-distortion rated output of 25W per-channel. Equipped with a fully independent 31-band parametric EQ, crossover, and high-precision auto-tuning mechanism for integrated sound adjustment including time alignment, you can quickly get the ideal sound quality and sound field that matches the interior environment.

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