Bewith Confidence IIIF



C-50III [ 5cm tweeters ]

Frequency Response 390Hz – 28kHz*
Power Handling 15 – 50W
Sensitivity 92dB/wm
Magnet Weight 38g
Magnet Neodymium
Weight 0.16kg

C-130III [ 13cm midwoofers ]

Frequency Response 40Hz – 11kHz*
Power Handling 15 – 120W
Sensitivity 92dB/wm
Magnet Weight 108g
Magnet Neodymium
Weight 0.85kg

* Mesurement using an included enclosure


The final models that significantly enhance the sound quality specifications of the original.

The Confidence IIIF series feature enhanced sound quality specifications based on the Confidence III series—the third-generation model of the Confidence series introduced in 2015. The main upgrades are an enhanced voice coil shape, improved diaphragm materials, and strengthening of the magnetic circuit, delivering even greater advancements to the well-established sound response and driving power. For this final, perfected member of the constantly evolving Confidence series, we aimed to create the ultimate in sound quality.



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