Audison AP5.9 bit


Power Output
Load. Imp.                                     5 Channels
4 Ohm                            20 W x 2 + 50 W x 2 + 150 W x 1
2 Ohm                            40 W x 2 + 90 W x 2 + 270 W x 1

iDataLink Maestro AR interface – Optional

Keep your factory features and expand your level of in-vehicle connectivity with iDatalink Maestro AR. When your AP bit* amplifier is installed into a compatible vehicle using the iDatalink Maestro AR interface, you’ll be able to enjoy the OEM receiver controls (volume, tone, balance, fader, source selection) to manage the equivalent DSP function of AP bit amplifiers, making this process transparent for the user. This way, all the Head Unit factory functions including Steering Wheel Controls, Media Player (AUX-in and USB ports), Hands-Free Telephone, Voice Commands, Satellite Radio will be totally maintained.

Maestro iDatalink web site

* the optical input of the AP bit amps marked with a release version prior to R03 will be not usable when the amplifiers are connected with iDalink Maestro AR interface. R03 and R04 releases of all models will be fully compliant. You can check the release version on the bottom plate of the amp.


AP5.9 bit amplifier is ideal to realize a two way front full active plus subwoofer system using the fifth mono channel with 270 W @ 2 Ω. The built-in processor, that this amplifier shares with the AP8.9 bit, provides the ability to assign the pre-outs to the AP4 D amplifier, creating a very powerful system in a small space thanks to the “rack mounting” system.


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