Reference AM Duo165S


16.5cm separate 2-way systemReference AM Duo165S

A high-end model of 16.5 cm2 way that combines a high-performance woofer = L-165RS and an L-25R tweeter equipped with a new generation magnetic circuit < S-neodymium motor >. More dynamic mid-low volume and precise tonality, as well as smooth sound connections across all bands made possible by the same unit material.

unit configuration:

  • 2.5cm dome tweeter ×2,
  • 16.5cm woofer × 2 (dedicated network included)


It is a new standard for BEWITH speakers boasting a wide range of defenses,
from full-fledged custom installations to genuine replacements.

The Reference AM series is BEWITH’s next-generation standard speaker that uses an AM diaphragm that exhibits ideal physical properties for automotive use and a powerful magnetic circuit with a high-density neodymium magnet. A unique AM (aluminum-magnesium) diaphragm that combines the unique lightness and internal loss of magnesium with the freedom of sound quality tuning and excellent weather resistance unique to aluminum is adopted in all units to ensure the unification of tone and response across the entire band. We will realize the high-fidelity reproduction advocated by BEWITH more highly. The lineup consists of six models, four 2-way Reference AM Duo models and two 3-way Reference AM Trio models, and supports a wide range of products from full-fledged custom installations to genuine replacements. All models come with a dedicated network.


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