Helix DSP


  • Powerful “fixed point” Audio DSP with 56 Bit resolution
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs with flexible signal summing options
  • Paragraphic 30-band EQ per channel with ultra-precise 0.25 dB steps
  • Time-alignment adjustment in narrow 7 mm steps and phase control in 11.25° steps
  • Various high- and lowpass filter characteristics with 6 – 30 dB slope available
  • Different signal routing matrices for each signal input section including configurable signal detections
  • “Ground lift” switch to avoid ground loops
  • Control input for connecting remote controls and accessories
  • Easy configuration thanks to the professional and user-friendly DSP PC-Tool Version 3 software


Helix is one of the product series by Audiotec Fischer. A German company with a focus on creating quality and substantial products for the mobile audio industry since 1990.

Ever wondered why people are putting audio processors in their cars? What does it do?  Isn’t it working fine if there’s just sound coming out of my speakers?

The short answer is simply to correct the audio signals and provide you the ability to control Imaging, Staging and Tonal Balance.  A well tuned audio system will excel in all 3 areas to reproduce music and vocal that is as true to the original recording source. If you have a great source, you will experience the “live” feeling of being there, in a concert, a recording studio or simply unplugged in a pub.

I have had my fair share of nuances in my years of driving.  Have you ever strained your ears and struggled to hear the news reporter off a digital radio station?  Feeling groggy in the head as you cannot identify the source of sound while driving everything seems to come from the driver side doors and then sometimes, all over the place?

Having a processor greatly fixes these nuances in car audio – intelligibility of speech (imaging), source of sound (staging) and gives you full control of the audio frequencies to deliver the last touches to tonal balance.

This can only be achieved with the raw processing power of an audio processor, and Helix DSP series are little monsters at that.

Small in size, yet powerful, with quality components hand picked by the engineers. The Helix DSPs comes in a few models, and yet, the design is so robust that all configuration and set-up is unified by a single piece of software, the ATF DSP PC-Tool.


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