ESB Audio CS Series – BMW SUB 1



BMW Sub 1

  • 8″/200 mm Subwoofer
  • The BMW Sub 1 contains the ESB CS-S81 8″/20 cm component subwoofers, with special adaptor to fit the BMW 5 Series original underseat subwoofer housing.
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Nominal Power Handling: 180 Watt
  • Transient Power: 360 Watt
  • Freq. Response: 35 Hz ~ 350 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 89.5 dB 1W/1m


ESB Audio CS series for BMW

Get the best audio from ESB Audio CS series, every car model is different from all others for the distribution of spaces and acoustic performance. With the Car Special series, ESB intends to provide vehicle specific, plug and play speakers designed for optimum acoustic performance in the car for which they were created. All the Special Car speakers are different from the other ESB Car Audio speakers. Not different for sizes and dimensions only. Different because of the technology used to match limited spaces and low power factory amplifiers. They have high grade neodymium magnets, lighter cones, lighter, rigid aluminum baskets, and a new voice coil complex. Each model has a dedicated adapter to match exactly the space requirement and mounting holes. All the speaker connections are plug and play with the original factory wires. Then each speaker is equalized for the specific car’s environment by a individually designed crossover.

The most important original speakers of the BMW series 5 cars is the front audio system (1″ tweeters and 4″ midranges) and the 8″ subwoofers under the front seats. The BMW three way audio kit is today produced from many brands and also the ESB did it in the 2013. Now ESB introduces the new audio system, made with the Ferrari red color. A real “Special Car” system.

The 1″ tweeter ESB BMW-FTW1 is just the ESB CS-T21 used also for the Audi car, just in one different adapter and with BMW connector, of course. The 4″ midrange ESB BMW-F41 uses the ESB CS-M41 that is an new midrange developed for the BMW. Like the tweeter, this midrange uses an special high grade neodymium magnet. The totally new subwoofer driver is a very special component, specifically developed for the BMW with the latest technology.


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