Zapco Z-P220I P100A


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Features and Functions

Adjustable regulated output voltage from 9V~16V
Remote panel-mount Volt Meter to monitor the output
Up to 100 Amps of current
Units are “strappable” to combine up the 4 units, and provide up to 400 Amps of current. Each unit includes the connection cable for strapping multiple supplies
Temperature controlled cooling fans
Thermal shut-off protection
Over-current protection
Pulse charging to inhibit battery sulfating (overcharging)


Design: Switching Type
Input Voltage 220V AC±10%
Input Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
DC Output Adjustable 9V~16V DC ±0.5V
Output Current 100 Amps DC Continuous (Maximum)
Line Regulation < ±5%
Load Regulation < ±5%
Fuse 10A/250V (Input Voltage: 220V)
Output Ripple 150 mV RMS
Protection Temperature 75°C
Overload Protection: UL more than 105 Amps
Cable UL 14 AWG
Dimensions (mm): 190(W) x 62(H) x 313(L)


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