Helix DSP Pro

Key Highlights – Full specifications are available here.

  • Cutting-edge, extremely powerful “fixed point” Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) at 64 bit resolution
  • Digital to Audio Converter (DAC) by Asahi Kasei – one of the most neutral DAC available in the 2016 market recently and has just been incorporated for use in Home Audio by Anthem, Onkyo, Pioneer, Esoteric, just to name a few.
  • 96 kHz Sampling Rate – full audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHz for unparalleled audio performance
  • 30-band equalizer per output channel using Parametric, Graphic or Shelf filters
  • Channel levels increment in 0.25db steps including Equalizer functions
  • Time-alignment adjustments in 3.5mm or 0.01ms steps
  • Phase alignment adjustments in 11.25 steps
  • Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz and Custom Q crossover filters at 6 – 42 dB (1st – 7th Order) slopes.
  • 5-band equalizer per input channel.
  • Remote Control (Director) input and USB port for management and configuration
  • HELIX Extension Card (HEC) slot for additional input / output modules
  • “Ground lift” switch to avoid ground loops causing unnecessary noise in the system
  • Power Save Mode conserves electricity and protect against battery drain.  Depending on configuration, all devices such as amplifiers connected to the DSP will be powered off when no audio signal is present after 10 or up to 60 seconds or disabled entirely for systems that are implemented with remote turn-on/off wiring configuration.
  • Switched Power Supply – ensures a constant internal voltage supply even if the battery voltage drops to 6V during engine start.
  • Automatic Signal Detection – automatically switches to the input source that is currently sending an audio signal based on the priority assigned.


The perfect choice for people with a discerning ear with external amplifiers.  This processor comes with 8 channel inputs, processing signals from your original head unit and media sources to additional digital and toslink inputs of aftermarket head units.

The new HELIX DSP PRO raises the bar to a new level, not only in terms of sound quality but also in terms of usability.  Due to the implementation of the latest generation of ultra-fast Audio DSPs with enormous 64 Bit resolution, this device provides more processing power than any other signal processor available on the market today.

It is the first of its kind which provides the full signal processing path at a sampling rate of 96 kHz, resulting in an extended audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHz.

Designed with robustness in mind, there are optional HELIX Extension Card Slot (HEC) to extend the functionality of the DSP PRO – for example a Bluetooth® audio streaming module to stream audio from your smartphone, or an additional optical digital input or an optical digital output.


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