Helix P Six MK2


Key Highlights – Full specifications are available here.

  • New “Ultra HD Class D” concept which combines the high-end sound quality of class AB technology with the benefits of class D amplifiers
  • Full audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHz thanks to 96 kHz sampling rate
  • Cutting-edge, extremely powerful “fixed point” Audio DSP with 64 Bit resolution and 1.2 billion MAC operations per second
  • 24 Volts power supply compatible without the need to make any changes to the unit
  • Smart high level input with ADEP circuit – retains all your original speaker monitoring functionality of the car and does not create any trouble/fault codes.
  • HELIX Extension Card (HEC) slot for additional input / output modules
  • Compact design with low heat dissipation thanks to ­extraordinary efficiency
  • Automatic Signal Detection – automatically switches to the input source that is currently sending an audio signal based on the priority assigned.


“The digital reference”, said Elmar Michels, chief editor of Car+Hifi magazine in issue 2/2016 about the HELIX P SIX DSP MK2.
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The perfect upgrade for the exploring consumers on a journey to audio perfection, something to start with, without undue investments.  Stay comfortable with your existing car interior with absolutely no visible changes, yet experience the capabilities offered by this Processor and Amplifier in one package.

The Helix P Six processes up to 6 channel input from your OEM media source and directly provides your original speakers with up to 230W of power at 2 Ohms each.  You can extend an external amplifiers using the 2 RCA outputs to expand more channels, such as a sub-woofer for that deep, low excursion of a cello or double-pedal drums.

Designed with robustness in mind, there are optional HELIX Extension Card Slot (HEC) to extend the functionality of the P Six – for example a Bluetooth®audio streaming module to stream audio from your smartphone, or an additional optical digital input or an optical digital output.

Find out what you are missing.  Experience the musicality and dynamics that your existing investments can provide!  If you like how music sounds after this change, you can always engage us for more (poison), such as a fully Active system powered by the Helix DSP PRO.


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