Bewith Reference AM Trio


Reference AM Trio is a 1.65cm separate 3-way system. (2.5 cm dome tweeter, 8.8 cm mid-range, 16.5 cm woofer;2 each, dedicated network included)

Model L-25R
Power Handling

92dB/ Wm
Frequency Response 3kHz-50kHz

Model L-88R
Power Handling

89dB/ Wm
Frequency Response 250Hz-15kHz
* Measurement using an included enclosure

Model L-165R
Power Handling

93dB/ Wm
Frequency Response 40Hz-7kHz
* Measurement using an included enclosure

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The Reference AM series further enhances reproduction of high-quality audio sources thanks to the newly developed AM (Aluminum/Magnesium) diaphragm and other new features, and is particulary designed for ease-of-installation to the latest sports cars and luxury automobiles. The line-up consists of three speaker unit models, three models combined with a dedicated network, and five dedicated network models, for a total of eleven models. This is the series completion of Bewith’s next-generation models, featuring timbre uniformity across all frequency bands, directivity control, and exceptional smooth and flat frequency response.

The AM (Aluminum/Magnesium) diaphragm is made from a unique Aluminum-Magnesium alloy, which combines the advantages of lightness and internal loss peculiar to magnesium with the sound quality tuning freedom and excellent weather resistance of aluminum. Moreover, we’ve adopted this material for all the Reference AM speaker units, the tweeter, mid-range, and woofer. The timbre is unified, as is the response in all bands, and the series realizes in greater degree the full high fidelity reproduction for which Bewith is famous for.

We have introduced a new caliber system (2.5cm dome tweeter, 8.8cm mid-range, 16.5cm woofer) that meets a wide range of applications; from full-scale custom installations to replacement of factory installed speakers. In particular, the 8.8cm mid-range can easily replace the 7-9cm class of mid speakers*, often installed in the latest luxury class automobiles. The 2.5cm dome tweeter also comes with a removable angle attachment suitable for various mounting conditions and can be easily installed in the original factory tweeter position* (such as the back of the door mirror by removing the outer ring of the tweeter body). We are planning to actively develop and produce special sound systems for super sports cars based on this core group of the Reference AM series from now on.
*The products to be released this time are not car-specific models. Depending on the particular car models, direct mounting may not be possible, and additional custom installation work may be necessary

.Drawing on the advanced performance of our top-class models including the flagship Confidence series, the Reference AM series employs a similar all aluminum die-cast frame with integrally casted magnet housing and a strong magnetic circuit with a high-density neodymium magnet. This reflects the advanced and sophisticated design that realizes the Bewith standards of high sound quality and reliability.

Reference Am Trio




The L-25R dome type tweeter, a new and completely original design by Bewith, adopts the AM diaphragm, common to the other units—the L-88R mid-range and the L-165R woofer—to ensure smooth sound and optimum sonic continuity across the sound spectrum. A powerful magnetic circuit with a high-density neodymium magnet produces rich sound pressure energy and flat response without coloration. The L-25R is utilized in either 3-way or 2-way configurations in combination with the L-88R and/or L-165R. Even as part of a system, it achieves the highest degree of completion.

For simple systems without active crossovers from Digital Sound Processors or amplifiers, we designed and manufactured four dedicated network units for the Reference AM series. The X-TR, dedicated for the L-25R, has a high-pass configuration; the X-MR, dedicated for the L-88R (and can be used alone), has a high-pass/low-pass configuration; the X-MC has a high- pass configuration (for a center speaker); the X-WR3, dedicated for the L-165R, has a low-pass configuration specifically for a 3-way system; and the X-WR2, also dedicated for the L-165R, has a low-pass configuration specifically for a 2-way system. The crossovers are crafted to fully enhance and maximize the performance of each speaker model and have been fitted with film condensers designed exclusively for audio use.


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