Bewith Lucent Duo 165


Model: Lucent Duo 165 – 2-way speaker system.


Tweeter – L-20L

Size – 2cm silk dome.

Frequency Response – 3Hz – 40kHz*

Power handling – 15W-50W

Impedance – 4Ω

Sensitivity – 92dB/w m

Magnet – Neodymium

Mid woofer – L-165L

Size – 1.65cm

Frequency Response – 40Hz – 7kHz*

Power handling – 30W-100W

Impedance – 4Ω

Sensitivity – 93dB/w m

Magnet – Ferrite magnet


“Lucent” is the fourth new line up in the Bewith speakers series, deliver good sound high-quality.

Is the most reasonable price tag.


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