Bewith Accurate A-50III


Model: Accurate A-50III – Available while stock last


Size – 50mm

Frequency Response – 350Hz – 28kHz*

Power handling – 15W-50W

Impedance – 4Ω

Sensitivity – 90dB/w m

Magnet Weight – 38g

Magnet – Neodymium


A high performance standard model with Bewith’ s signature ultra-high fidelity playback.

Featuring PPC speaker technology employing the world’ s only all-eccentric cone system, while remaining faithful to the technical features of the Confidence series such as a mica polymer diaphragm and high rigidity aluminum diecast frame, the Accurate combines a breadth and ease of play that give latitude in amp choice with a vivid but neutral tone to form Bewith’ s standard speaker model.

As the Accurate series’ third generation, for the first time in the series’ history the Accurate III features the same Pearl White coating and third generation mica polymer diaphragm as the Confidence III, and with drive system elements like edges and dampers upgraded to Confidence standard, the amount of detail in its sound has improved tremendously. Likewise, plenty of attention to detail has been spent on touches like the frame’ s Confidence-inspired Pearl White finish. Offering nearly the ultra-high fidelity experience of the Confidence at a reasonable price, the Accurate III can be enjoyed in combination with a variety of audio units.


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