Bewith Accurate A-130III Final


Model: Accurate A130III F – 13cm mid woofer.


Frequency Response – 40Hz – 9kHz*

Power handling – 15W-120W

Impedance – 4Ω

Sensitivity – 90dB/w m

Magnet Weight – 350g

Magnet – Neodymium


The final models that significantly enhance the sound quality specifications of the original.

The Accurate IIIF series feature enhanced sound quality specifications based on the Accurate III series—the third-generation model of the Accurate series introduced in 2015. The main upgrades are an enhanced voice coil shape, improved diaphragm materials, and strengthening of the magnetic circuit, delivering even greater advancements to the well-established sound response and driving power. For this final, perfected member of the constantly evolving Accurate series, we aimed to create the ultimate in sound quality.

Bewith’s own PPC (Polar Pattern Control) speaker technology has been incorporated in the Confidence Ⅲ and Accurate Ⅲ series. PPC speaker technology delivers tone quality coherence across all ranges, directivity control that responds to the in-vehicle environment, and flat and smooth frequency response in the ideal manner demanded for car speakers. This is accomplished by the adoption of the eccentric cone scheme in all speaker drivers  the tweeter, mid woofer, and subwoofer and a common design that uses the same structure, the same materials and the same magnetic circuits in all units.

From ultra-low tones to ultra-high ones, you hear a pure, penetrating and vivid sound with a lively presence. From the first generation Confidence introduced in 2002, our unequalled technology has been thoroughly refined to support Bewith ultra precise sound reproduction.



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